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A juvenile angel happily assents to having her rear end spanked, and she plops down across her punishers lap. The punisher has a diversity of instruments laid out with which to redden the juvenile gals ass. She chooses 1st one hairbrush, then one greater quantity, and admits, to the beauties examination, that yeah, that babe does enjoy doing this. That babe whaps away at the girls backside. Now using a paddle, the punisher continues to blister the young girls arse, which has gotten considerably redder. Then the punisher has the beauty kneel on the bed, holding onto the back, while the punisher inflicts further injury with the paddle. She in a short time trades it in for a broader model, and the youthful beauty starts yelping in pang. Now the punisher turns the paddle sideways so the thin, sharp edge is caning the girls very reddened buttocks. That babe yelps in pang.


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