If There's a Will, There's a Fine Spanking

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The business of inheritance can receive quite sticky and dramatic. There is always somebody who isn't happy at the outcome, like the 2 allies in this whipping movie clip. The abode they've lived in for as lengthy as they could remember is being taken away, already given to a reputable Female-dom. This babe shows up to take a look at her recent property and is surprised to see the gals there and the abode a mess. Not what she was waiting. They try to convince the Dominant-bitch they should get the abode, but it isn't working. Yet, this babe is feeling generous. They can stay for awhile, but they must earn it. One by one, that babe takes them over her knee, pulls down their pants, and gives them a worthy bare handed drubbing. This dominating vixen bows them over a chair and shows what she can do with a paddle and cane. The angels think they paid their dues. But that was just soreness for wrecking the abode. She's gonna give ’em a miniature in number days to heal up for the real punishment. They desire to stay in the house, don't they?


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