Lola Earns Rope Suspension, Bull Flagellation & Beating for Tardiness

3 years ago


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Categories: Brutal Punishment

Back in the warehouse, Lola tries to have a pont of time alone with some candy. That babe knows her Dominant expects her pretty soon. This is one sexy model type Euro honey who knows the protocol. It appears to be as if this babe doesn't care. That definitely earns brutal drilling, her Master's specialty. She’s 1st exposed and wrist bound with rope to a piece of bamboo hanging over her head. He’s a rope thraldom Dom. This babe can't resist his domination, behaving like a scared tractable ache serf. That's when her wazoo cheeks lazily become red from striking. He starts out slow. Then, this chab picks up the pace. That babe can't escape. She can only wonder what other fiendish things her BDSM area taskmaster has in store for her. Then the flagellate comes out, stinging Lola. The whip wraps around her body tight and swift, leaving gorgeous lengthy neon red marks. That chap wishes to anguish her fur pie a bit and use his leather cat o’nine tails on her milk shakes. So he reties her legs spread and above her head, hands without the way and twat bare. Watch as her jiggly adult baby gazoo cheeks and merry whoppers endure high thud drubbing. Her Taskmaster wishes greater quantity marks on her arse. A thin rod does the trick. Now for a real challenge: feet off the floor wrist and ankle bondage rope suspension. This chab spins her around as proceeds with his cat and flagellate. This chab finishes the scene with her wrists and ankles bound to a post for greater amount bull whipping. She should've been on time.


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